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Rain Fails To Prevent Andy Roddick S Progress In Miami

Andy Roddick

" It is to Miami and there determined vibe of the S.A that goes with those and l abundance dell attention dall outside of the sport but those who has won here has large large-blinks records.". Winner 2004 here, Andy Roddick - when it is not asked like had proposed to the bridge of Brooklyn, the model which it is coupled - it has turned its thoughts nell importance of the game during you open them beginning of " well; Not there is question there lottery of the S.A of advertising campaign around this event, " it has said after its 7-6, 6-4 Victoria third party-round over Ivo Minar, the Czech qualificatore. Only three of the relative champions maschii - Marcelo Rios, Miloslav Mecir and Tim Mayotte, the first winner - not avvano won large-blink the title then it, or they have not continued to raise one. There is without a doubt that the Sony Ericsson Open has an impressive history. Ciascuna of relative the 11 woman who the vincitori has gained one at least large-blinks the trophy.
24.6.08 10:38

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